Special Counsel


Kirsten is our litigation guru. Need debt recovery covered? Insolvency solved? Commercial litigation litigated?

Kirsten has steered the legal ship for shareholders, liquidators, landlords, tenants, the BSA, QBCC, Australian Taxation Office, Mums and Dads, and everything in between.  She is like a Swiss army knife of skills, an encyclopedic almanac of experience, a mixed metaphor of all-the-things all-at-once. From micro to mid-sized firms, in-house escapades, and a brief stint in government, Kirsten has explored every legal nook and litigious cranny.

Kirsten didn’t always know she wanted to be a lawyer.  She considered a career in medicine, but her handwriting was too neat.

She pondered becoming a teacher, but she didn’t have that strong an aversion to money.  She even considered becoming a professional baker, but if she’d wanted to get up that early she would have had kids.  Oh… wait…

Kirsten is professional, practical, and efficient.  She has a dark sense of humour, like that joke I’m not supposed to tell about that thing I’m not to mention.  And I wouldn’t, but if I did, Kirsten would be there in my corner, cup of tea in one hand, biscuit in the other, and a belly full of fire, legal acuity, and perhaps just a little bit of that biscuit.



  • Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Business (International) – Queensland University of Technology


  • Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • Debt Recovery
  • Insolvency
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