Jake is neither the office bouncer nor hitman on retainer. Honest.

He is a hard-working and hard-hitting member of our commercial team. But he doesn’t really hit people.  Stop being so literal and stop judging a book by its cover.  Or its ink.

Whether navigating high-stakes negotiations or sculpting airtight agreements, Jake’s proficiency is matched only by his innate ability to decipher the ever-evolving landscape of commerce. A legal maestro in the realm of transactions, mergers, trust matters, and dispute resolution, he wields the law better than he plays the piano.  We eagerly await his performance at the next company talent show to see how long that remains the case.

Jake may look like he could bench press the entire law library, but beneath the swole lies a heart of gold. A teddy bear in human form, he's all smiles and warmth – until he's on a cut. Then, he's just a bear. Approach with caution or a chocolate bar; results may vary.

Jake is more than just legal prowess and bulging biceps; he brings a unique blend of strength, charm, and integrity to the Woods Prince Lawyers family. Professional, tenacious, and surprisingly harmonious – that’s Jake in a nutshell.



  • Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) – Griffith University
  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice


  • Corporate and Commercial Law
  • Trusts
  • Succession Planning and Estates
  • Wills and Estates
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