Alex enjoys cooking and the odd glass of wine.

In his younger days, Alex considered going professional, but wasn’t sure if his liver was up for it.

He has been known to partake in the occasional Gravitron, though denies ever throwing up copiously into his hat, an unusually specific denial for a misdeed never alleged.

Alex insists that he once measured in at 183cm, which presuming he meant height, is more humble than a humble-brag. Is he shrinking? Was he standing on a box? Is that supposed to be tall or is non-intimidating what we’re going for?

In strictly legal terms, Alex is litigious AF (actually ferociously). He’d sue his own grandmother if she stepped out of line, which she probably would. Spicy minx. More importantly, he’d win, and she’d have cause to reconsider the error of her ways, thus contributing to the betterment of society and rainbows. Facts.



  • Bachelor of Laws (Honours) – Queensland University of Technology
  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice
  • Bachelor of Economics – University of Queensland


  • Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution
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